Top 5 Health Problems Occasioned By Missing Teeth And How Dental Implants Help Address Them

Age and other health complications constantly expose you to such dental health as weak jaws and other teeth problems that occasion teeth removal. If not addressed in time, these problems can cause complications that affect your general wellbeing. Missing teeth have particularly been associated with low self-esteem, speech problems, and even threaten to impact your diet. But how can dental implants help resolve these problems?

1. Difficulty eating

The last thing you need is changing diet and skipping on your favorite meals because of missing teeth. Missing teeth and empty spaces in your mouth make it hard to chew different foods depending on the location of the gap in the mouth. Dental implants have however been successfully used to fill these gaps and get you to carry on with your normal life. Most importantly, they fit as perfectly as natural teeth and cause no discomfort during chewing or brushing.

2. Speech problems

Did you know that the different sounds that make up the speech are made when the tongue rolls and presses such points of the mouth as the roof and teeth? Missing teeth, particularly the front teeth, therefore heavily impacts your speech making it almost impossible to pronounce some accurately. You might end up whistling or even spitting in case of empty spaces. The problem can, however, be resolved by filling the empty spaces with implants. More information is made available at the Build Your Smile website.

3. Deformed smile

Missing teeth affect your smile in two ways. In particularly robs you off the smile in case of missing front teeth and with it goes your self-esteem. Additionally, empty dental gaps that go on unfilled for long cause the contracting of the jaw thus deforming your once perfect smile. Either the two cases can, however, be averted by filling such spaces with such dental implants as dentures and veneers.

4. Disfigured facial structures

Your jaw doesn’t act as the placeholders for your teeth. It also plays a pivotal role in supporting such other facial structures as cheeks. Therefore missing teeth and ensuing jaw constriction not only affects your jaws and smile but the overall facial appeal. Embracing dentures and other dental implants, therefore, go a long way in helping you maintain not just a perfect smile but also the overall facial appeal.

5. Unstable teeth

There is a reason your teeth are closely knit together. This close packaging system not only keeps the teeth aligned but also keeps in position. Taking one away without replacing it, therefore, distorts this formation and with time teeth close to space tend to move towards the gap. Replacing removed teeth with implants, therefore, goes a long way in maintaining this positioning.

Bottom line

If left unfilled for long, empty dental spaces present deep-rooted consequences to your dental health. They not only rob you of the coveted smile but also affect your speech and eating habits. However, you no longer have to tolerate either of these problems as you can easily solve them with these implants.

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