The 6 Most Important Dental Services According to Dentists

As techniques have gotten more sophisticated and the services less expensive, teeth whitening has quickly climbed to the top of the most popular dental services. Of course, teeth whitening is more about cosmetics than your health, and when an industry study recently surveyed Canadian dentists about the dental services that they deemed most important, whitening was unsurprisingly low on that list.

1. The Consultation

Nearly every dentist surveyed mentioned simple access to a dentist as number one. Many people simply don’t visit a dentist often enough, and even brief consultations are an opportunity for a dental professional to discuss and even critique your dental regimen. Much of what goes wrong with teeth and gums occurs in the home and is completely avoidable.

2. The Dental Checkup

The basic dental checkup was a close second to the consultation, and often, these services would overlap depending on how the individual surveyed phrased it. The usual rule of thumb is a basic checkup every six months, but be mindful that your situation is unique. Dentists will even reduce visits to once a year in the best cases and increase them to four times a year or more in the worst.

3. Tooth and Gum Cleaning

Coming in at number three is the cleaning of the teeth and gums. There are many people who never see a dentist unless there’s an obvious problem. The issue with that is that the teeth and gums can often accumulate decay-causing agents no matter how well and religiously you brush, floss and rinse.

4. Preventative Imaging

Many of the dentists surveyed wanted their patients to take advantage of X-rays and other forms of digital imaging more regularly. There are many tooth, gum and bone problems that dentists are able to detect early enough with digital imaging to help the patient avoid them entirely.

5. Extractions

Many dentists surveyed agreed that the worst thing a patient could do is live with a bad tooth. Even if advanced treatment isn’t currently possible for some reason, an extraction is in order, and the more advanced measures could be taken down the road but without additional damage occurring. For further information, you may find there are more resources on the Your Smile Dental Care website.

6. Dental Repairs

At number six was non-cosmetic repairs that actually save the tooth. Even if it’s as basic as a filling, the repair that stops damage to the tooth and beyond is most important of all. Once the damage is stopped, then functional and cosmetic repairs can be conducted on a more measured schedule.

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