Four Reasons Why the Natural Look and Feel of Dental Implants Is Important

If you are debating between using dentures as a treatment for tooth loss and getting dental implants, you may be aware that implants generally provide you with a more natural look in comparison to implants. This is more than a superficial benefit. In fact, it can positively impact your life in many ways throughout the long life of the implants. These are some of the leading reasons why the natural look and feel of implants is important.

1. Your Cosmetic Appearance

You may initially assume that implants and dentures would yield the same cosmetic benefits in your appearance, but this is not the case. Implants have a more natural look that makes it difficult or impossible for others to tell that you have lost permanent teeth. When others view your smile or watch your mouth while you speak, the presence of dentures may be distracting. This may even affect how other people view you by drawing attention to the fact that you have lost some of your permanent adult teeth.

2. Your Level of Self-Confidence

Dental implants will become a normal feature that you may rarely give a second thought to. You will not see a visible reminder of their presence each time you look in the mirror because they will look natural. You may even forget that they are in your mouth because there are no special hygiene requirements. Because of these factors, you may notice that your level of self-confidence returns to normal after the treatment is completed.

3. Your Ability to Speak Clearly

Dentures sometimes slip along your gums, and they may not come together quite as perfectly when you bite down as implants would. These can make it more difficult for you to speak clearly. It can be frustrating to deal with speech issues regularly, and this frustration may be eliminated if you opt for implants.

4. Your Comfort While Eating

Some people remove their dentures while eating. This requires them to only eat soft foods. Others keep dentures in, but they have trouble biting and chewing. There is usually a need to cut food into very small bites and to chew slowly when wearing dentures. In contrast, eating with implants is no different than eating with your natural teeth.

When you are missing one or more permanent teeth, it is great to know that you have a few treatment options to choose from. Some people naturally lean toward getting dentures because they have minimal recovery or adjustment time and because they are more affordable. However, implants provide you with long-term use as well as with a natural look and feel. You can see that these benefits are essential to your life in numerous ways going forward. You may want to consult with Prosthodontic Associates for more information.

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