7 Reasons to Use Reclaimed Wood for Your Flooring

Reclaimed wood flooring is on a steady rise in popularity throughout the world. Concerns for the environment are partially the reason, but there is a drive to have the most individual look possible, which reclaimed wood provides. Below are seven reasons to choose reclaimed for your next wood floor.

1. Gentle to the Environment

Installing a floor using reclaimed wood is one of the most gentle approaches to the environment possible for this type of flooring. Forests are managed and harvested in quantities that allow regrowth, but the use of reclaimed helps preserve the wood forests and natural landscape. It is a choice you can feel great about making.

2. Strong and Durable Wood

A length of undamaged older wood is going to show better strength and durability than most virgin woods harvested and milled today. It is because it is derived from trees that were far bigger and allowed to grow over an extended period. It adds strength in a natural way.

3. Wider Plank Options

Wide planks are difficult to mill from virgin wood. The trees are smaller and will not stand up to the test of time. You will find a better source of wider planks when researching options for reclaimed wood. Everyone will marvel at how different your wood floor looks in comparison to modern wood plank trends.

4. Recover Exotic Species

One of the more exciting features of using reclaimed wood flooring is the ability to salvage more exotic species of wood, unusual cuts, and widths. Many European and Asian varieties of wood cannot be milled to the older standards due to a lack of mature trees. Not only will you have the unique flavor of exotic woods but created in a fashion that is impossible today.

5. Love for History

The stories the wood could tell you with reclaimed products. Many types of the wood salvaged come from old mansions, ships, warehouses, factories, schools, and a myriad of offbeat locations. All come from different experiences. It is the perfect product if you enjoy a bit of history.

6. Bring Old Wood Back to Life

Watching the process of bringing older wood back to former brilliance is an experience unlike any other. You will stand amazed at the finished results of reclaimed wood floors. It will make you a believer in recycling materials with no doubts about the potential longevity of your new floor.

7. Create an Original Flooring Surface

Using reclaimed wood will guarantee that your floor is unlike any other out there. It is a better option for those looking for originality over high-priced composite and engineered products. You can honestly call the results your own.

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