7 Efficient Promotional Products for Financial Companies

Promotional products are a cheap and effective way of advertising services and products for business promotion. The financial industry can also use promotional products as a way of marketing their businesses. These promo gifts will help you to achieve client retention.

1. Customized pen

Even if most of your clients use computers due to the digital age, everyone still wants to flaunt their stylish pens when they need to sign documents offline, fill in details or write on papers. A pen made using modern technology is a proud thing because it states style and class. A promo product of customized and branded pen to your clients speaks a lot about your financial firm. Don’t forget to incorporate a logo design on your pen in an attractive way.

2. Business card holders

Many people appreciate promo card holders. The cardholders are essential for safely holding debit cards, business cards, and credit cards. You should ensure that you buy quality business card holders and ensure that they are well-designed and stylish with your company’s logo printed on them nicely.

3. Mousepads

Many of financial industry’s clients use mouse pads to move their mouse as they operate their computers for daily use at home or in the office. Mousepads are a useful promotional product because the pad is used daily and is always in front of your client’s eyes, which makes your company’s logo visible. Businesses should invest in stylish and attractive mouse pads for marketing.

4. Calculators

Corporate calculators are an excellent marketing product for daily office use. When buying a calculator for a promotional product campaign, make sure you brand it so that you can boost brand visibility. Also, ensure that you personalize it with the business’ logo and mission statement to make it a unique promo product.

5. Staplers

Staplers are a necessary item for people working in the financial industry because they always have papers that they want to attach. Attractive and branded staplers grab the attention of your client especially if your logo is printed on them. A customer uses staplers throughout the day, which enhances the visibility of your brand.

6. Power banks

Power banks are essential in providing power to mobile devices or smartphone to customers on the go. The customers who travel a lot to places where they don’t have charging facilities around will appreciate such promotional products. You need to personalize your power bank with a brand message or your logo.

7. Drink bottles

Branded drink bottles provide the perfect promotional products to draw the attention of your target customers to your financial firm. They are appropriate for conferences and tradeshows, especially those that are held outdoors to help people to stay hydrated. Drink bottles are useful tools to enhance brand awareness, and visibility especially branded drink bottles.

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