5 Reasons Why You Need a Physiotherapist in Your Life

Physiotherapy has long been prescribed to assist pro athletes in maintaining their physiques and in helping victims of serious injury recover, but physiotherapy can also be used in a multitude of ways to not only up your physical fitness, but to improve self-care on a more holistic level.

1. Pain Reduction:

Many work places require people to perform repetitive tasks on a daily basis, this could be as simple as just sitting in the same position all day. These tasks can cause a tightening of the muscles and a weakening of the tissues in joints and ligaments. This can be painful and cause a lot of discomfort. Rather than just suffering through it, physiotherapy can help to alleviate these body pains and add strength to your muscles allowing you to use your body to its maximum potential, and reduce the pain associated with these types of movements.

2. Preventing Deterioration:

Having regular appointments with a physiotherapist can also be a helpful part of being proactive about your health in the long term. Age is associated with the deterioration of muscle tissue, joint lubrication and flexibility. Including physiotherapy as part of your self-care routine early on can help to slow the degradation these tissues and improve range of motion. In addition to a healthy lifestyle physio can also be used therapeutically to alleviate symptoms of painful ailments such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and heart disease, and is a great way to keep safe as you age and protect the body you’re going to be using for a long while yet.

3. Accountability:

Seeing a physiotherapist is another great way to make sure you stay accountable for your health by meeting with you regularly to discuss how you’re planning and working towards goals. If you notice problem areas they can get you back on track right away. They can also be there to inform you on organizing a proper fitness routine and how to work on your conditioning at home in your own time. Frequent professional council will help to make sure you stay on track and give you a place to check in on your body goals.

4. Injury Prevention:

Whether you’re an athlete or not physiotherapy is also a great way to catch small problems before they become big ones. If you’re attending regular appointments you will be able to prevent small injuries from turning in to more serious ones. A physiotherapist will help you work through the pain of a minor injury without making it worse and tell you what you can do at home to maintain functionality.

5. Goal Setting:

Lastly, Physiotherapy should be a part of any physical fitness routine. You don’t always know when you’ve pulled a muscle or strained your back, and frequent communication with a physiotherapist can give you invaluable feedback that can make sure you aren’t set back in your training. They can also asses your form and correct your technique for a range of exercises and stretches, so if you’re interested in starting a fitness program they are one of the individuals that can benefit you enormously in setting and reaching your goals.

Whether you want to start a new fitness plan, or just prevent your body from twinging when you get up off the couch, it’s helpful to rethink the way you can use physiotherapy as part of an inclusive self-care plan to optimize the way your body works for you.

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